Mi Mano es La Semilla

My Name is Yadira Porras Montoya, born and raised in the south of Oklahoma City.
I lived in Las Vegas for a bit as well as El Paso Tejas, and I remember going back and forth to Delicias chihuahua a lot as a kid. 

Both of my parents are immigrants and arrived to the USA back in 1979 of course for the “American Dream” and boy was it a rollercoaster! I was born in 1982, a middle child, the only girl of two other brother’s. Along the way I found out that I had two other siblings a younger brother and an older sister. I lost my sister years back Monica Isabel Porras, which I honor in everything I do. Her and my Abuelito Chente whom are now my angels. 

I grew up with my abuelos, Chente and Socorro and they always taught me to work hard for what I want in life. My Abuelo Chente taught me so many meaningful traits like planting my semillas creating and maintaining a garden & living simple and humble and my abuelita Socorro is where I get my good sazón from and cooking con amor always!

Mi Madre is where I get my Loyalty from y mi Padre who taught me my chingona and hustling ways and also to never take “NO” for an answer.

I can’t forget my Nina Carmen, from her I got my Boss ways, and my Abuela Lucinda my crafty and spiritual ways. Oak grove kid raised in a crazy world, I knew I wanted a better life, raise my familia, and break all generational curses. Dancing ballet folklorico was my escape to happiness. Grew up with out my daddy for long period of my life being incarcerated but it fueled who i wanted to be and watching my momma raise us being a solo rider for so long she was always determined to make sure we had our necessities and she did that well, and because of those chapters in my life made me whom I am now. 
Hija del Maíz ......Agradecida!